Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New way to get to the Interstate 275 Florida Blog and New Year's Eve

2010 is just about to come to a close and 2011 will be on the horizon. With New Year's Eve approaching there will be a lot of people out there ringing in 2011!

First, a new way to get to the Interstate 275 Florida blog. All you have to do is to type in in your browser's address bar and that will take you straight to the Interstate 275 Florida Blog! Of course I have also updated the link to the Interstate 275 Florida Blog right from my blog intro page on and you can also get here using that link if you would like. Just another way I make content easier for you to access here at

If you have a bookmark to the Interstate 275 Florida Blog, you may want to update it to reflect the new URL address. This is important, especially if your bookmark to this blog has the domain name address as the domain will be retired soon.

OK. Let's move on to a more important subject concerning New Year's Eve, and that is celebrating New Year's Eve responsibly.

Last year around this time I posted some helpful tips on celebrating New Year's Eve safely inspired by a Bay News 9 article on this subject. I recently expanded this topic and turned these tips into a PDF document which is available on simply by clicking on this link. It's easy to celebrate the holidays safely, and it's not just restricted to New Year's Eve.

I put these tips here every year as a reminder of the most common danger of being out and about on New Year's Eve, especially out there on Interstate 275: Drinking and driving. I post these tips out there as a public service in the hope that needless accidents can be prevented.

As a reminder, if your New Year's Eve celebrations include drinking, please, please do one of three things:

1. Designate a driver.

2. Call a taxi to take you home. You can retrieve your car the next day.

3. Spend the night at a hotel or a friend's house. Even if rates are high for New Year's Eve or any other major holiday, it's much better (and much cheaper) to pay for a room at the Hilton Downtown St. Petersburg Bayfront or any other hotel than face the consequences of DUI if you are caught. (Ask yourself: Would you rather pay $120 for a hotel room or $20,000 for taking a chance by drinking and driving?)

Again, do yourself a favor and if you had even one drink, don't get behind the wheel and drive! Let's start 2011 on the right note!