Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Interstate 275 Reconstruction Project Underway at Exit 28 (Gandy Blvd.)

If you have noticed the signs and the construction equipment on Interstate 275 in St. Petersburg from Gandy Blvd. (Exit 28) to the 62 Av N overpass, another reconstruction project is underway. Like all the other reconstruction projects that have taken place on Interstate 275 in St. Petersburg, it's going to involve the replacement of concrete slabs in places where it has deteriorated. After that is done then the concrete pavement will be grinded down to a travelable surface. I am not sure if signage is going to be replaced as needed or not like all of the other Interstate 275 reconstruction projects.

This project will take place not only on the mainline Interstate 275 but also on the Gandy Blvd. ramps as well, which may mean ramp closures from time to time and hopefully these closures should take place at night when there is not a lot of traffic. After all, Gandy Blvd. is one of Interstate 275's heavily used exits as traffic to and from Pinellas Park and Seminole plus those that live in the far northeast St. Petersburg community use this interchange. Additionally, Gandy Blvd. sees plenty of traffic especially during the morning and afternoon rush hour.

While we're on the subject of Interstate 275 at Gandy Blvd., I have drawn up a conceptual plan as to how the interchange on Interstate 275 at Gandy Blvd. should be reconfigured given today's (and tomorrow's projected) traffic volume. You may want to head on over to my page on my conceptual Interstate 275 at Exit 28 makeover at and read more about my conceptual plan to make traffic easier.

According to the folks at the Florida DOT by way of the website the Interstate 275 reconstruction from Gandy Blvd. to the 62 Av N overpass should be wrapped up around Spring 2008. Like I have mentioned on previous posts any Interstate 275 construction project is going to mean some inconvenience but in the end we will have a better Interstate 275 for all.

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Anonymous said...

I thought about the same thing recently. There needs to be a free-flowing flyover ramp from I-275 North to Gandy West. The current configuration backs up traffic on the exitsting ramp from I-275 north to Gandy, as well as both directions of Gandy. I emailed FDOT a few months ago about this situation, only to recieve feedback that such an improvement is not in the books right now. I certainly hope that FDOT will start thinking about adding a free-flowing flyover ramp from I-275 north to Gandy west in the distant future as traffic counts will increase over the next few years.